Accountability rating

Met standard

Round Rock ISD: A

Total students


Avg. teacher experience

9.1 years

Round Rock ISD: 11.2 years

Statewide: 10.9 years

Four-year graduation rate


Round Rock ISD: 96.1%

Statewide: 89.7%

Kathy Caraway Elementary School is an elementary school in Austin, TX, in the Round Rock ISD school district. As of the 2017-2018 school year, it had 819 students. The school received an accountability rating of Met standard. 25.4% of students were considered at risk of dropping out of school. 14.7% of students were enrolled in bilingual and English language learning programs.

An average teacher's salary was $49,898, which is $3,436 less than the state average.

Contact information



11104 Oak View Dr
Austin, TX 78759-4699

Office phone number

(512) 464-5500

Higher Ed Outcomes

Students in Kathy Caraway Elementary School are part of the Texas Education Agency’s Region 13. Students who started eighth grade in 2007 in this region had a college graduation rate of 24.3 percent. View a more comprehensive breakdown of the higher education outcomes in Region 13.



Total students


African American

33 (4%)

Round Rock ISD: 8.9%

Statewide: 12.6%

American Indian

3 (0.4%)

Round Rock ISD: 0.4%

Statewide: 0.4%


317 (38.7%)

Round Rock ISD: 16.8%

Statewide: 4.4%


116 (14.2%)

Round Rock ISD: 30.4%

Statewide: 52.4%

Pacific Islander

2 (0.2%)

Round Rock ISD: 0.2%

Statewide: 0.1%


314 (38.3%)

Round Rock ISD: 39.5%

Statewide: 27.8%

Two or more races

34 (4.2%)

Round Rock ISD: 3.8%

Statewide: 2.3%

African American


American Indian






Pacific Islander




Two or more races


Risk factors

A student is identified as being at risk of dropping out of school based on state-defined criteria. A student is defined as "economically disadvantaged" if he or she is eligible for free or reduced-price lunch or other public assistance.

At-risk students

25.4 %

Round Rock ISD: 33.3%

Statewide: 50.8%

Economically disadvantaged

10.7 %

Round Rock ISD: 25.9%

Statewide: 58.8%

Limited English proficiency

15.1 %

Round Rock ISD: 9.8%

Statewide: 18.8%

At-risk students


Econ. disadvantaged


Limited Eng. proficiency


Enrollment by program

A look at the percentage of students enrolled in certain programs offered at schools for the 2017-2018 school year. A student can be enrolled in more than one program.


14.7 %

Round Rock ISD: 10.7%

Statewide: 18.9%

Career and Technical

0 %

Round Rock ISD: 26.4%

Statewide: 25.8%

Gifted and Talented

11.7 %

Round Rock ISD: 9.2%

Statewide: 7.9%

Special Education

5.9 %

Round Rock ISD: 9.3%

Statewide: 9.1%



Career and technical


Gifted and talented


Special education



Accountability ratings

Texas assigns ratings to districts and campuses that designate their performance in relation to the state's accountability system. In 2017-18, Texas gave school districts with more than one campus a letter grade from A to F. The state did not give grades to campuses and instead gave them ratings based on the previous system, such as "met standard" or "improvement required." Some districts did not receive ratings for a variety of reasons, including being impacted by Hurricane Harvey, being annexed by another district, or having compromised data.


Met standard

Round Rock ISD: A

Student achievement


Round Rock ISD: A

School progress


Round Rock ISD: B

Closing the gaps


Round Rock ISD: B

The overall grades are based on three categories: student achievement (how well students perform academically), school progress (how well students perform over time and compared to students in similar schools) and closing the gaps (how well schools are boosting performance for subgroups such as students with special needs).

For a detailed explanation of this year’s accountability system, see the 2018 Accountability Manual.


Teacher ethnicities

These figures are expressed as a percentage of the total teacher full-time equivalent (FTE).

Total teacher FTEs


African American

0 (0%)

Round Rock ISD: 4.1%

Statewide: 10.4%

American Indian

0 (0%)

Round Rock ISD: 0.6%

Statewide: 0.3%


0 (0%)

Round Rock ISD: 3%

Statewide: 1.6%


5 (9.3%)

Round Rock ISD: 16.2%

Statewide: 27.2%

Pacific Islander

0 (0%)

Round Rock ISD: 0.1%

Statewide: 0.4%


48.7 (90.7%)

Round Rock ISD: 74.5%

Statewide: 58.9%

Two or more races

0 (0%)

Round Rock ISD: 1.4%

Statewide: 1.1%

Highest degree held by teachers

These figures are expressed as a percentage of the total teacher full-time equivalent.

No degree

0 (0%)

Round Rock ISD: 0.1%

Statewide: 1.4%


39.7 (74%)

Round Rock ISD: 70%

Statewide: 74.1%


14 (26%)

Round Rock ISD: 28.9%

Statewide: 23.8%


0 (0%)

Round Rock ISD: 1%

Statewide: 0.7%

Students per teacher

The total number of students divided by the total full-time equivalent count of teachers for 2017-2018.

Students per teacher


Round Rock ISD: 14.3

Statewide: 15.1

Teacher experience

This figure for the 2017-2018 school year refers to tenure — the number of years a teacher has been employed in any district, whether or not there was an interruption in service.

Avg. teacher experience

9.1 years

Round Rock ISD: 11.2 years

Statewide: 10.9 years

Teacher salaries

The average salaries listed here are for regular duties only and do not include supplemental pay. For teachers who also have nonteaching roles, only the portion of time and pay dedicated to classroom responsibilities is factored into the calculation.

Base average


Round Rock ISD: $51,493

Statewide: $53,334



Round Rock ISD: $46,005

Statewide: $47,667

1 to 5 years


Round Rock ISD: $47,152

Statewide: $49,663

6 to 10 years


Round Rock ISD: $49,942

Statewide: $52,056

11 to 20 years


Round Rock ISD: $52,913

Statewide: $55,246

20+ years


Round Rock ISD: $60,256

Statewide: $61,428

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